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Anjali Burton, PhD


Anjali Burton is an accomplished industrial/organizational psychologist and consultant based in Chicago. 

Anjali began her career working in consulting with some of the most well-known corporate organizations, where she gained invaluable experience in talent management and organizational development. Anjali worked as a consultant and as an internal practitioner before her passion for doing meaningful work eventually led her to shift her focus to working with non-profits. This experience allowed her to develop a unique perspective on talent management that has proven invaluable to her clients.

Anjali is known for her warmth and authenticity when partnering with her clients. She believes in taking a collaborative approach to developing customized solutions that meet the specific needs of each organization. Her ability to build strong relationships and provide insightful guidance has helped countless organizations and leaders to achieve their goals.

Anjali lives in Chicago with her husband, David, and two cats, and loves to take on new hobbies such as woodworking, bouldering, and more. 

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